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Exciting improvements to Sunset RV Park: Leveled sites!

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

We have some exciting improvements to announce for Sunset RV Park! This will be the first post in a series regarding these changes.

Site leveling under construction

First, we're announcing that all of our existing RV sites have been leveled and finished with new gravel!

Because we noticed some issues during our opening season, this was a large project that we had planned for some time . During the 2020 season, we scheduled with a landscaping contractor to complete this work after the season had ended. Each of the parking sites are now longer, wider, and level, with new gravel. This improvement should help our guests get parked and set up quicker and easier so that they can focus on enjoying our park and all that Custer and the Black Hills have to offer.

Electrical pedestal relocation under construction

Due to these changes to the sites, we also had an electrical contractor move the RV pedestals to more suitable locations. This included digging a long trench to relocate the pedestals.

It was interesting to see the park in this state of construction, but we're happy to announce that the work has been completed and is back to its beautiful state.

We're excited to see these completed improvements and to have our guests experience the benefits of our hard work!

We hope to have you visit us soon!

Stay tuned for updates regarding more improvements to Sunset RV Park!

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